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JSFL Team Nomination Form


Welcome to the WA Junior State Futsal League Team nomination page.

The JSFL is the premier Junior Futsal competition in WA affiliated to the governing body of Futsal in the state Football West, and supported by the department of Sport and Recreation through True Sport.

Below you’ll find all the details for the new 2019/20 Summer season and the form that needs to be filled and submitted in order to reserve your position.

Please tap/click in each section to reveal the full details.

For any questions please contact Nestor Fonseca at at nestor@profutsal.com.au.

Thanks again for choosing Pro Futsal.


What's included

Game Photos

Sports TG App

Sports TG club access


Teamwear and equipment discounts 

National and international event access

Medals and Trophies for winners and runners up

10 games guaranteed plus  finals (2weeks)

Age Groups

Friday and Saturday 

  • U7 (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • U8 (2011)
  • U9 (2010)
  • U10 (2009)
  • U11 (2008)
  • U12 (2007)
  • U13 (2006)
  • U14 (2005)
  • U15 (2004)
  • U19 (2000 2001, 2002, 2003)

*Players can only play up 1 age group.

*Girls can only be from 1 age group up. a maximum of 3 girls can play down in one team. 


U7, U9, U11, U13 and U15 Leagues will be available from 10:45am to 2:30pm similar to summer last year.

*Players can only play up 1 age group.

*Girls can only be from 1 age group up. a maximum of 3 girls can play down in one team. 

Season Dates and Fees

Commencement Friday, Saturday and Sunday 27, 28, 29 September 2019

Note that round 1 will be played on above dates, followed by 1 week break (school holidays) then resume on 11, 12, 13 October. 


Age groups from U7 to U14 Saturdays from 8:30am to 2:50pm. Games will be sequentially played from the youngest to the oldest, similar to the current structure.

U15 and U19, Fridays and Saturdays as current season. 


Team nomination: $300 or $200 if paid before September 1. 

Game Fees

U7 $75

U8 $75

U9 $85

U10 $85

U11 $85

U12 $85

U13 $85

U14 $85

U15 $85

U19 $95

10% discount if full season paid before 27 September. 

5% discount if half fees paid before 27 September and other half paid before 13 December. 

Full season fees to be based on 21 rounds/games.


JSFL Trophy for the winner. Medals for playoff winners and runners up.


Payment Methods

Team nomination must be paid via credit card online at the end of the registration process below.

Season fees can be paid in the following ways:


Account Name: WA State Futsal PTY Ltd

BSB: 016307

Account Number: 209565133


Player Insurance

Registration and Insurance cost is $50 per player.

All players are required to pay the insurance fee before they can play.

If any player has not paid they may not be allowed to play until the payment has been made.

Waivers can only be used for players playing 1 game only and their cost is $10 per club for Administration costs.


Photos and Videos

Players will be photographed and filmed.

Customers are not allowed to live stream or video full games without approval from the Pro Futsal’s management.

Due to privacy, please refrain from publicly publishing footage taken from the JSFL matches.


Please select the Competition

Team Details

Team Manager

You will need to press the button below and you will receive a confirmation of your team nomination.