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Social Competitions – Current Status of Play

Social Competitions – Current Status of Play
April 23, 2020 Pro Futsal

It’s something that we’re all still getting used to at the moment – NO Futsal!
With this unfortunate break from Social Competitions, we understand the frustration everyone is experiencing at the moment, and have been busy preparing our comeback once we’re able to.

Adult Socials

We certainly haven’t forgotten where the scintillating Adult Summer Social Seasons left off. It’s our intention to have these games played prior to beginning any new season, and will be played in the first 2 or 3 weeks upon return. This covers all 13 Grand Finals from Monday Div 1,2 & 3, Tuesday Men’s Masters Div 1 & 2, Tuesday Women’s Div 2 & 3, Wednesday Div 1,2 & 3 and Thursday Div 1,2 & 3. Until then, we’re working on plenty of new and exciting ideas for our Adult Social Competitions moving forward too!

Junior Socials

We are completing plans to move away from the team based, weekday Social Competitions and will be launching an all new clubs based program which will cater to more players and their families, adding further flexibility and improved skills based coaching and game play. A brand new Competition will be created on a Sunday morning/afternoon to cater for all new Social Clubs to compete in, as well as other teams wanting to join our intermediate level Social Competitions.

Pro Futsal is dedicated to build real pathways for Futsal players entering the sport from any age. Be sure to enquire about these competitions and programs at any stage. We can’t wait to see you all again on the court, sooner rather than later we hope!

Take care and stay safe,

John Lennon
Pro Futsal Social Competitions Manager.


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