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Pro Futsal Masterclass


Are you ready to take your club to the next level? Here is an opportunity of a lifetime to do so.

Learn Futsal from one of the best coaches in the game, Italian National Futsal team Head Coach Massimiliano “Max” Bellarte. The Pro Futsal Master Class has been designed by Bellarte for you to learn the critical skills to unlock your players’ and team potential. A Futsal Masterclass of 10 units live and on demand with direct access to one of the best coaches in the world.


Massimiliano Bellarte is the head oach of the Italian National Futsal team. He has more twenty years of experience as a coach on the sidelines of Ruvo, Modugno, Acqua & Sapone and Real Rieti. In 2014 he won an Italian Cup and an Italian Super Cup with Acqua e Sapone and in 2017 he led the Belgians of Halle-Gooik, winning the Belgian League, the Belgian Super Cup, and the Benelux Cup and was nominated by the Belgian federation as the best coach of the year. He also has experience in women’s Futsal, when he led Salinis winning the Scudetto in the 2018/2019 season.



AUG 4TH 2021






Unit 1: Futsal from the perspective of the advantages

  1. Means to obtain advantages
  2. The duels
  3. The superiorities
  4. The manifestation of the concepts of the game to create advantages

Unit 2: Play style, game model and formations

  1. Liquid Futsal
  2. The importance of building distinct functionalities within the same context
  3. Dominating different sectorial aspects to change the context

Unit 3: Transitions and the cycle of the game

  1. The specificity of transitions as an essential phase of the game
  2. How to dominate phases and sub-phases of the game

Unit 4: Spaces, time and temporisation

  1. Empty spaces. Full spaces.
  2. Managing the time of play, in offence and defence.
  3. Occupants, owners and provocateurs

Unit 5: Micro-relations in the game and in training

  1. Foster relationships on the pitch
  2. The spontaneous solutions in the interaction with the game
  3. Convert these behaviours into habits during the training sessions

Unit 6: The coach, the structures and the means of trainings

  1. All educational forms for the player’s needs
  2. The criteria for providing specificity in the activities

Unit 7: The decision making process

  1. How to train the non-linear decision making
  2. The emerging behaviours
  3. Emotion-based systemic training

Unit 8: The player, the main character of his own learning

  1. The bi-directional relationship between player and coach
  2. Error is a necessary obstacle
  3. Up to where the game evolves

Unit 9: Goalkeepers inside the collective game

  1. The tactical responsibilities of the goalkeeper
  2. Goalkeeper’s offensive functions
  3. Specific situations in defence and offence

Unit 10: Leadership from knowledge

  1. From abstract leadership to concrete leadership
  2. The coach at the service of the player
  3. Training, a profession of love


Who can attend the masterclass?

The Pro Futsal Masterclass is open to everyone who wants to learn more about Futsal, from grassroots to elite level.

When is the Masterclass?

The Pro Futsal Masterclass will start on August 4th 2021.

The Pro Futsal Masterclass duration is 10 weeks and it will be held live every Wednesday at 6PM Australian Western Standard time (GMT +8).

To accomodate every timezone the Pro Futsal Masterclass will be available on-demand for everyone, so even if you can’t make it you will be able to attend it anyway at a time that would suit you best.


Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a digital certificate of attendance and a hard copy of it if required.

What is included?

There are different options that you can access.

Every option will include the live and on-demand Masterclass and the certificate of attendance plus a 10% discount that you can use for the next Pro Futsal Masterclass.

The Masterclass Elite also includes access to a private group where content will be shared with direct access to Max Bellarte for Q&A sessions, an  official Macron polo of the Pro Futsal Masterclass and a 15% discount for the next Pro Futsal Masterclass.

The Club Masterclass includes everything listed in the Elite Masterclass but it will give you the option of up to 5 coaches from your club to attend the Masterclass.

What are the payment options?

You can pay online with a credit card or PayPal.

Australian customers can access Afterpay to pay in interest Free Instalments.

Clubs can contact marketing@profutsal.com.au us if they wish to pay with bank transfers.

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You will receive a payment confirmation email.

1 week before the course we will send you an email with a unique token to access the Pro Futsal Masterclass.

For further information contact us at marketing@profutsal.com.au


Pro Futsal Masterclass


Live session access
On-Demand access
Certificate of Attendance
10% Discount for the next Masterclass
Pro Futsal Master Class Elite


Live Session Access
On-Demand access
Certificate of attendance
15% discount for the next Masterclass
Access to Facebook Private Group with Bellarte
Macron Pro Futsal Masterclass Polo
Pro Futsal Masterclass Clubs


Live access for 5 coaches
On-Demand sessions for 5 coaches
Certificate of attendance for 5 coaches
Access to Facebook Private Group with Bellarte
5 Macron Pro Futsal Masterclass Polos